Van Build Before & After

It’s been a year since we had our Blue van (Bluvie) converted into a campervan and I wanted to share with you some of the before and after photographs of our beautifully crafted home on wheels.

After searching and searching for the ‘perfect’ campervan on the Internet, I realised that I would need to convert my own van to get the campervan of my dreams. I came across Joe the Campervan Craftsman through Ebay where he was selling his newly converted campervan. I fell in love with his VW conversion and knew he was the man for the job. I spent months researching and looking into different vans, and once I finally found the one, I booked Bluvie in with Joe and he set to work over 2 months converting it to the beautiful van it is today.

Bluvie is a Vauxhall Movano, medium wheel base van which we picked up from a dealership in Eastbourne, U.K.
It’s kind of strange to think Bluvie used to be a workman’s van transporting wheelchair mobility equipment around and now it’s our home on wheels.

I love the fact that we not only gave Bluvie a new lease of life, but it also gave us a new lease of life as well. My life and mindset has changed so drastically since embarking on this van life journey. I feel like it gives me so much more freedom to explore my dreams and all within the creature comforts of a home. It’s been the best thing we’ve ever done and even though it’s not been the cheapest or at times the easiest option, it’s so worth it.
Opening those back doors to an ocean or mountain view is what it’s all about. Living simply and enjoying every second of it… I wouldn’t want it any other way.



When we first had Bluvie it was an empty shell inside….
Joe Insulated the walls before the cladding went up. This not only helps with condensation but also with keeping the heat in or out of the van.
We decided to remove the steel bulk head to open up and let some natural light in from the front.
I love our little light switch Luke found on Ebay. Nice little touches to make us feel at home.
So pleased we had the Eberspacher D2 Airtronic diesel fuelled heater fitted for those colder nights in bed.
Lots of cupboard space in the kitchen area for pots and pans etc..
We have 3 x 85Ah batteries connected in series, being fed by 2 x 150 watt solar panels on the roof. This is enough to cover all our electrical needs in the van.
Beautiful hand painted tiles from Mexico, I love that the blue and orange compliment the colour of the exterior paint of the van.
We went with the Waeco CRX50 fridge freezer and I can’t fault it. The perfect size for our camper and runs very efficiently and economically.
Our portaloo fits perfectly behind this door!
We can charge all our electrical goods on the road through this panel.
Our heater thermostat is to the left so we can set the heater to the temperature we want. This is next to the bed so really convenient when we are tucked up at night.
We even have a cutlery and utensil drawer. It’s always good to be organised in such a small space.
I love our tiles and sink.. they’ve got that bohemian vibe that I adore.
Our ash wood countertops are dreamy! I love feeling the smooth curves of our countertops every day.
You can see that so much love and effort went into building these.
Our under bed storage is where we keep all our clothes. Luke has the top one and I have the bottom. It’s mad to think that in our house I used to have 3 wardrobes, and a chest of drawers full of clothes I barely worn. And now I only have 1 drawer with all I need for the year. I’m embracing the minimalist lifestyle and by only keeping what I love and need, makes things so much easier.
Our very handy overhead cabinets to keep all out bits and bobs in.
Our finished Camper Bluvie, isn’t she a beaut!

After the conversion was finished, we headed straight to Spain and Portugal for two months where Luke and I celebrated our 30th birthdays. It was an incredible experience, and for those who follow me on Instagram would have seen our photos along the way.

And now a year later, we will be doing the same thing except we’ll be traveling around Europe for a whole year and we can’t wait.

It’s been one amazing adventure and I’m so excited for what our second year of van life will bring.

A big thank you to our friend and campervan craftsman Joe, who is now living the dream in New Zealand converting campervans. We are so thankful he was able to build our dream van before moving away.
Here is a link to his Instagram page to check out his other wonderful creations:

Another shout out and thank you to our friend Rob Allsopp who did an excellent job with fitting our electricity and solar set up. It’s been amazing to be able to charge up our laptops, camera gear, mobile phones and be completely self sufficient wherever we go. 

Here’s a link to his Facebook page:

The day we picked up Bluvie was one of the happiest 🙂

Happy 1 year Vanniversary to us! Europe here we come!!


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