Christmas in Bermuda

Some of you may already know from my Instagram stories that I’m here in Bermuda visiting my Mum and step Dad for the holidays. Luke and I will be here for 8 weeks in total so I am going to share with you what we get up too, and I’ll also be sharing my top tips over the next few blogs on where to go and what to do, so stay tuned.

So we arrived on the 12th December after a 7-hour direct flight from Gatwick airport, in London. We landed around 6pm, which would be 10pm for us, as Bermuda is 4 hours behind the UK.
I must say the BA flight was amazing, they have made huge updates to their planes since the last time I flew with them, and I think that was probably one of the nicest planes I’ve ever traveled on. We were even welcomed with Champagne on arrival, I felt so classy 😛

When we landed, we were greeted by my step Dad Marty, who picked us up and took us to their beautiful home in Southampton, which was just over 30 minutes drive from the airport.

Bermudians drive on the left-hand side of the road, so it’s just the same as us back in the UK.
Fun fact – Bermuda is only 22 miles in length and about 1 mile wide. The island is actually made up of 138 islands that form a fishhook shaped landmass. There are bridges and causeways that connect the 8 largest parts of the Islands. I always love to look at Bermuda on the map, you have to zoom right in to find it, it’s so small, It’s like a tiny speck in the Atlantic Ocean.

The good thing about arriving at night in December is seeing everyone’s Christmas lights. It really feels magical, and seeing the palm trees lit up like big candy canes got me all excited.

Palm trees outside the Fairmont Southampton Princess

I always used to think that it would be strange being in a semi-tropical climate for the holidays, and I would worry that it wouldn’t feel Chritmassy, especially coming from a much colder climate where it would occasional snow. Howevere, all the Christmas decorations and all festivities here blow me away. Even my Mums place was decorated like Santa’s grotto with Reindeers and fairy lights everywhere.

Christmas Eve

I spent my morning wrapping gifts and prepping the vegetables with my Mum in the kitchen ready for the big Christmas feast.
In the evening My Mum and I watched the sunset on the harbor of the Waterlot restaurant just down the road from us. It was absolutely stunning and was so lovely to spend quality time with my mum, just the two of us.

That night we went to Dockyard to watch fire throwers and see the biggest Christmas tree on the Island. They even had Home Alone on a big out door cinema screen for all the families to enjoy afterwards. It was amazing!

And the incredible fire throwers…

Christmas Day

After a very indulgent breakfast of bucks fizz and chocolate brioche, we exchanged gifts and then headed to the beach.

Elbow beach is where all the expats go to have a big beach party, drink champagne and generally get very merry while basking in the sun and sea.

It was such a great buzz and we made lots of new friends. We even met a choreographer from Devon and met up with our new Scottish Friend. It’s funny that we always seem to meet fellow Brits wherever we go, maybe it’s our strong accents that give it away and people are drawn to us, who knows. We met a lovely group of Canadians as well and were invited to after parties. We had so much fun there and it’s always so good to meet like-minded people wherever we go.

When we got back home, it really felt like Christmas. My mum had gone to town with her table setting (literally), I think the majority of her house is all bought from the beautiful Island shop in town! And the food she made us was delicious! We even tried a Bermudian classic of Cassava Pie, which is kind of like a sweet sponge cake but instead of icing there’s gravy!

Christmas dinner is always my favorite part of the day – Eating great food with the people you love, pulling crackers and reading out the jokes that are so bad they make you laugh. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it’s all about the little things and moments in life that bring you joy.

This was definitely a Christmas to remember 🙂


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