Beaches of Bermuda

Our first day here in Bermuda, I woke up at 5am. Jet lag had set in after an early night. Bermuda is 4 hours behind the UK, so I was still adjusting to the time zones.
After my morning meditation, yoga, and journaling we headed to the beach.

 We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how warm it’s been here in Bermuda in December. We’ve been lucky to have some really sunny beach days and when the weathers not so great, it gives me a good excuse to write in my journal, read a good book and do some work.

Church Bay Beach

Church Bay Beach is within walking distance from where we are staying in Southampton, so this is usually our go-to-beach, and it’s also one of our favourites. It’s on South Road, in Southampton Parish and has parking and a bus stop so easy to reach.

Church Bay is like our own private beach because most of the time we are the only people on it – It’s so quiet this time of year.
It’s also excellent for snorkeling, we always see people snorkel here and for good reason – It’s incredible! You’ll see bright blue parrotfish and sergeant majors swimming right along the coast. It’s the perfect little beach and so peaceful. It’s also a shot walk away from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, which is a must if you’re in the area as the views are the best in Bermuda.

The wooden steps going down to Church Bay Beach
Can you see the smiley face? What a view 🙂
Beautiful sunset at Church Bay

Horseshoe Bay Beach

The next beach we visited was Horseshoe Bay. This is one of the more popular beaches with tourists, and you can see why – It’s stunning! It’s one of the longest beaches on the island and it’s situated along the South Coast, just off South Road in Southampton Parish.

It has it’s own bar next to it called the Rum Bum Beach Bar, and has shower and toilet facilities which are great for families with children.
If you walk along the east end of the beach you’ll find quieter and more secluded spots away from the crowds.

You’ll see people wind surfing here, and if you’re feeling brave you can have lessons as well. That’s one for the bucket list for sure!

Good times with Luke
Happy times
Horseshoe Bay is stunning!
Enjoying a Carona on the lifeguard hut with our friends.

Fairmont Southampton Beach

The Fairmont Southampton Beach is the hotels luxury beach and is another beautiful beach along the South Coast.

It’s the first time in the 8 years that we’ve been coming to Bermuda that we’ve been here, but as it was so quiet we thought we would check it out.

They have a bar and restaurant on the beach, and the food and the Rum Swizzle’s were delicious but expensive.
The facilities were excellent, with toilets, showers and a place to fill up on water. This beach is perfect for families and a lovely place to rest, relax and read a good book in the sun.

Fairmont Southampton Beach

Daniel’s Head Beach

Daniel’s head is tucked away in a remote western corner of Sandy’s Parish and is Bermuda’s best-kept secret.

This hidden gem is more popular with the locals and you won’t find many tourists, which I like because it’s usually very quiet, and most of the time we have it all to ourselves. It’s a little run down after the resort went bust which is a huge shame because the beach and the huts are so beautiful. You really feel like you’re in paradise.The sea is really shallow, calm and crystal clear here so ideal to see all the fish and spot sea turtles swimming around.

We have been coming back to this beach for years because of their iconic abandoned huts. I absolutely love it, and it’s the perfect place for photography, exploring, snorkeling or just chilling on the beach with a picnic.

When we were here in April last year we swam with sea turtles, it was incredible to see so many swimming around so close to the shore. A memory I will never forget.
If you’re more of the adventurous type, then you would love this place, it’s off the beaten path but it’s so worth it when you get there.

The abandoned beach huts
The pier is so great to look out and watch for turtles.
Crystal clear water you can see all the fish.
Daniel’s Head Beach is paradise
How beautiful is this water?

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay is Bermuda’s longest beach that curves along the South Shore for half a mile, and is definitely one for the beach lovers out there. The iconic pink-hued sand is best seen here at twilight and the colour comes from tiny fragments of coral and shells.

This beach is great for walking, horse riding, swimming and snorkeling.
Accessing the beach is easy. The main entrance is just off South Shore Road.
Just a few steps down takes you to the beach and then if you swing a right, a sandy trail leads to Jobson’s Cove, a small and sheltered spot. If you continue walking west passing other beautiful little bays, you will reach Horeshoe Bay Beach.

Jobson’s Cove

This tiny, yet exquisite beach sits between steep jagged rock cliffs that almost encircle the cove, creating an idyllic turquoise lagoon. To reach it, you can walk along the sandy trail from Warwick Long Bay, just off South Shore Road.

In the summer this place is great for swimming and jumping off the cliff, into the swimming pool like water.

Coopers Island Nature Reserve

Located just past the airport, on the Southeastern coast of Bermuda. This reserve is pristine and picturesque and has several beaches, including the popular Clearwater Beach and Turtle Bay. This serene nature reserve is surrounded by tropical wooded forests and stunning views of the turquoise sea.

Coopers Island is the perfect place for a day of hiking, swimming, bird watching, turtle spotting and picnicking. It’s not so popular with tourists as it’s off-the-beaten-path, but you’ll see local families here on the weekends or you’ll see cyclists, joggers and dog walkers along the trail.

Tobacco Bay

Tobacco Bay is located in the far north of the Island and is close to the picturesque town of St George’s and the historic Fort St Catherine.

Snorkeling is a popular activity here as the underwater coral reefs and colourful marine life are impressive.

This small beach can get crowded from the cruise ships that dock in St George’s, but we usually come in off peak times when the beach is quiet.

John Smith’s Bay

This lovely pink-hued sand beach is located on the South Shore coast and is ideal for snorkeling the coral reefs or just relaxing with a good book.

This bay was named after Captain John Smith, the man who famously encountered Pocahontas during his regime at Jamestown, and who later created the first map of Bermuda.

Elbow Beach

Last but not least, Elbow Beach is a long stretch of pink-hued sand beach located just off South Road in Paget Parish, in between the Elbow Beach Resort and Coral beach & Tennis Club.

This beach can get busy as it’s popular with tourists and locals but as we came in Winter so it was relatively quiet, apart from Christmas Day where it was jam packed full with locals and expats celebrating in the sun.

There is a popular restaurant and beach bar right on the beach called Mickey’s Bistro, which is run by Elbow Beach Hotel. We’ve had food from there a few times in the past but this time we took our own picnic and drinks.

Bermuda really does have some of the best beaches in the world and I highly recommend going.

Love Jordan x


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